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It means you'll have free, immediate access to resources that will help you succeed as a film and video maker in the Triangle. That includes free files to download, such as the Location Info Scout Sheet and 2017 Strategic Planning Guide. It means you'll have free access to forums, a new space where you can connect with other filmmakers, share resources, or seek opportunities. You'll also receive our free weekly email updates so you'll get updates about what's happening in the area.

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It's one more way we can support you. We want you to succeed. From day one, our goal has been helping as many film and video makers in the Triangle as possible.

What's the difference between guest and member?

Guests have free access to the content library, forums, and email updates. It does not come with the same benefits of being an official, paid member of the TriFilm Society. Members have annual, paid accounts in order to receive the deepest level of support from the TriFilm Society.

Consider this a way of dipping your toe in the water. Test it out, then decide when you want dive in. Whenever you're ready, we'd love to welcome you as an official member.

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